Barriers, Themes, and Constraints

A Summary Primer

This section provides a short overview summary of the specific challenges unique to or exacerbated for women entrepreneurs and of the role technology can play in lowering barriers. These challenges are analyzed using three overarching horizontal themes and four main vertical constraints, which will be repeated throughout this document. Technology, the main topic of this toolkit, permeates all categories. Project teams new to designing interventions that support women-owned and -run enterprises — or any readers wishing to delve more deeply into any one or all of these areas — should consult Appendix 1 in the full report, which provides further detail.

Overarching Horizontal Themes

  • Social NormsSocial Norms
  • Business ClimateBusiness Climate
  • TechnologyTechnology

Main Vertical Constraints

  • Legal & Regulatory FrameworkLegal & Regulatory Framework
  • Access to FinanceAccess to Finance
  • Training, Skills & InformationTraining, Skills & Information
  • Access to MarketsAccess to Markets
A Summary Primer